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 YWP-Day on Sunday, 17.09.2017, with presentations and panel discussion in the morning and workshops of various young water networks on conference-related topics in the afternoon.

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The Water sector belongs to you, the next generation. You as Young Water Professional (YWP) will be the future water leader and can create the sustainable water sector with all its facets.


The IWA Micropol conference in Vienna offers practical and effective ways for those of you who are interested in a water sector career by following your interests and gaining experience.


ywp 02Participants of our YWP-Day will have the chance to be part of an exciting event by presenting their scientific work in front of a critical audience, exchanging knowledge with experts in the field of micro pollutants, learning about other YWP initiatives, discussing hot topics in round tables and for sure developing their skills.

Be part of it and start creating your network of colleagues in the world of future water leaders.