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1.1 Source of micropollutants


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Source of micropollutants    
      Chair person: Christa McArdell    
1.1.1 Clara Manfred Assessment Of Micropollutants At River Basin Level By Combining Emission Modelling And Surface Water Monitoring 3719001 AT
1.1.2 Desiante Werner Micropollutant Biotransformation Potential Of Natural River Biofilms 3720357 CH
1.1.3 Gordon Yang Micropollution In The Region Of King George Island, South Pole 3712990 TW
1.1.4 García-Santiago Xela Fate Of Carbamazepine In Soil After Irrigation With Reclaimed Water And Biosolids Application 3755438 ES
1.1.5 Sun Weiling Antibiotics In Rivers And Coastal Area Of Zhuhai, Pear River Estuary (south China) 3755722 CN
1.1.6 Fudala-Ksiazek Sylwia Liquid By-products Generated During Municipal Solid Waste Management As A Source Phthalates And Bisphenol A 3755782 PL
1.1.7 Sun Qian Occurance and fate of two bisphenol A transformation products in wastewater treatment plants and surface waters 3760006 CN

1.2 Bioanalytical methods


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Bioanalytical methods    
      Chair person: Robert Kase    
1.2.1 Wilhelm Sabrina Advantages Of Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading With Additional Activated Charcoal For Ecosystem Health 3744397 DE
1.2.2 Penru Ywann Application Of Effect-based Tools For Wastewater Quality And Process Performances 3720240 FR
1.2.3 Haile Tadele Micropollutants And Genotoxicity In Sediments From Stormwater Filtration Systems 3754489 AT
1.2.4 Mao Feijian Cellular And Transcriptional Responses In The Cyanobacterium Microcystis Aeruginosa Exposed To Benzophenone-3 3718927 SG
1.2.5 Bielak Helena Impact Of Ozone Treatment On The Degradation And Activity Of Endocrine Active Substances In Wastewater 3711430 DE
1.2.6 Zhang Han Investigation Of Main G Protein-Coupled Receptor-acting Pharmaceuticals To Trigger Physiological Activities In The Wastewater Of UK By The In Vitro TGFα Shedding Assay 3719031 JP
1.2.7 Schoenborn Andreas Patterns Of Estrogenic Activity In Treated Wastewater --towards A Robust Effect-based Monitoring Tool 3714372 CH

1.3 Antibiotic resistance


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Antibiotic resistance    
      Chair person: Celia Manaia    
1.3.1 Cerqueira Francisco Distribution Of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Microbiome Analyses In Agricultural Soils And Edible Plants In Catalonia 3719298 ES
1.3.2 Luczkiewicz Aneta Municipal Solid Waste Plant As Overlooked Source Of Antimicrobials And Emerging Resistance Phenotypes In Wastewater 3750948 PL
1.3.3 Choi Donggeon Exposure To Triclosan May Induce Broad-spectrum Antibiotic Resistance In Activated Sludge 3719865 SG
1.3.4 Slipko Katarzyna Effect Of Use Of Different Types Of Membranes On Cell Free Bacterial DNA Removal From Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent 3755573 AT
1.3.5 Schwermer Carsten Removal Of Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli In Wastewater Treatment Plants And By Membrane Filtration 3718526 NO
1.3.6 Zhang Mengyu Evaluation Of Multiple-antibiotic Resistant Gram-negative Pathogenic Bacteria In The Bioaerosols Of A Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment Plant In Northern China 3755654 CN
1.3.7 Kalinowska Agnieszka Arctic Lake Bacterioplankton Shaped By Anthropogenic And Environmental Factors 3755571 PL

1.4.1 Analytical methods


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Analytical methods    
      Chair person: Thomas Ternes Vulliet Emmanuelle Development Of LC-MS/MS Methods To Study Carbamazepine And Twelve Transformation Products In Water, Bivalve, Fish And Sediment 3703784 FR Jewell Kevin Monitoring Strategies For Potable Water Reuse: Tracking Large Numbers Of CECs Via Non-target Screening 3712348 DE Hermes Nina Using The Scheduled Multiple Reaction Monitoring (sMRM) Algorithm In Target Analysis: Relationship Between Method Parameters 3713872 DE Weiss Stefan Occurrence Of Pharmaceuticals In The Austrian Water Cycle 3719048 AT Heo Huijin Revealining Anthropogenic Occurence of Phthalate Esters in Beach Water and Sand, through Concentration Maps 3719804 KR

1.4.2 Monitoring and sampling strategies

Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Monitoring and sampling strategies    
      Chair person: Manfred Clara Kittlaus Steffen Micro Pollutant Emission Modelling And Monitoring In A Transboundary, Alpine River Basin: The Inn-Salzach Case Study 3755470 AT Stepkes Hermann Mass Balance Of Micropollutant Loads From Wastewater To Receiving Water Body And The Impact Of Ozonation 3755050 DE Gallé Tom Quantifying Biocide Sources And Flow Paths Using Passive Samplers And Floodwave Chemographs 3720263 LU Gin Karina Yew-Hoong Occurrence, Fate And Suitability Of Emerging Contaminants As Chemical Markers For Detection And Characterization Of Pollution Sources In Urban Surface Waters 3715192 SG Piram Anne Pharmaceuticals In The Marine Enviroment: What Are The Present Challenges In Their Monitoring? 3720228 FR

1.5.1 Removal using natural systems


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Removal using natural systems    
      Chair person: Guenter Langergraber Drewes Jörg Sequential Managed Aquifer Recharge Technology (SMART) For Enhanced Micropollutant Removal From Laboratory Studies To Full-scale Applications 3717360 DE Zraunig Andrea Long Term Micropollutant Removal In A Vertical Ecosystem For Decentralised Greywater Reuse In A Euro-Mediterranean Resort 3755190 ES Durán-Álvarez Juan The Transport Of Sulfamethoxazole Through Wastewater Irrigated Soils: Results Of Lab-scale And Field Experiments 3718865 MX Matamoros Víctor New Developments In The Use Of Microalgae To Improve The Attenuation Of Contaminants Of Emerging Concern From Urban Wastewater 3720036 ES Langenhoff Alette Metabolism Of Ibuprofen By Phragmites Australis: Uptake And Phytodegradation 3720022 NL

1.5.2 MP in sewer systems

Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      MP in sewer systems    
      Chair person: Thomas Ertl Wicke Daniel Micropollutants In Stormwater Runoff -- Citywide Loads And Comparison With Sewage Inputs 3718530 DE Rossi Natascha Contribution Of Biofilm Community To In-sewer Removal Of Pharmaceuticals 3755718 AU Gutierrez Oriol Sewers As Carriers And Potential Reservoirs Of Antibiotics And Antibiotic Resistance Genes 3755559 ES Verlicchi Paola CSOs Vs. WWTP Effluent: Their Contribution To The Discharged Load Of Micro-pollutants And E. Coli In A Coastal Area 3716072 IT Hesse Tobias Effect Of Adsorption On In-sewer Removal Of Pharmaceuticals 3755713 AU

2.1 Biological pathways


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Biological pathways    
      Chair Person: Wang Gen-Shuh    
2.1.1 Gonzalez-Gil Lorena Enzymatic Transformation Of Organic Micropollutant During Anaerobic Digestion 3720544 ES
2.1.2 Achermann Stefan Combined Trend Analysis Of Micropollutant Biotransformation Rates And Enzyme Transcript Abundance Along A Solids Retention Time Gradient 3720209 CH
2.1.3 Buttiglieri Gianluigi Unravelling The Potential Of A Partial Nitritation/anammox Biomass Towards The Biodegradation Of Micropollutants 3734492 ES
2.1.4 Sutton Nora Relating Microbial Community Composition To In Situ Natural Attenuation Of Micropollutants 3719314 NL
2.1.5 Coello Garcia Tamara Associations Between Microbial Community Diversity, Solids Retention Time And Specific Taxa Abundances On Estrogens Degradation In Activated Sludge 3755866 UK
2.1.6 Ooi Gordon Tze Hoong The Transformation Products Of Clindamycin Treated By Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) 3752714 DK
2.1.7 Zengin Gulsum Emel Chronic Inhibiton Effect Of Diclofenac On Activated Sludge Systems 3755762 TR
2.1.8 Mansfeldt Cresten Sulfonamide Biotransformation: Transformation Product Elucidation And Linked Gene-transcript Identification 3720305 CH

2.2 Removal by activated carbon


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Removal by activated carbon    
      Chair Person: Samuel Martin    
2.2.1 Benstoem Frank Performance Of Granular Activated Carbon To Remove Micropollutants From Municipal Wastewater--A Critical Review Of Pilot And Large Scale Studies 3720180 DE
2.2.2 Paredes Lidia A Holistic Assessment Of Granular Activated Carbon Filters For Organic Micropollutants Removal From Secondary Effluents Of Different Quality 3719659 ES
2.2.3 Krahnstöver Therese Efficient Micropollutant Removal From Wastewater By Dosing Powdered Activated Carbon In A Deep Bed Filtration Influent 3719887 CH
2.2.4 Sbardella Luca Removal Of Pharmaceuticals From WWTP Secondary Effluent With BAC-UF System: Highlighting Mechanisms And Operational Results 3719960 BE
2.2.5 Benstoem Frank Evaluation Of Methods For Quantifying Activated Carbon In Effluents Of Wastewater Treatment Plants 3720083 DE
2.2.6 Haslinger Julia Impact Of Ozonation On Adsorptive Removal Of Organic Micropollutants In Granular Activated Carbon Filters 3754891 AT
2.2.7 Graaf Robben de Relative performance difference of granular activated carbons for the removal of polyfluoroalkyl and perfluorinated compounds (PFC/PFAS) from ground and surface waters in the presence of natural organic matter (NOM) 3760007 NL
2.2.8 Hoffmann Grit Optimized Use Of The Combination Of Ultrafiltration And Dosage Of Powdered Activated Carbon For Micropollutant Removal In Municipal Wastewater Treatment 3755842 DE

2.3 MP in drinking water systems


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      MP in drinking water systems    
      Chair Person: Shane Snyder    
2.3.1 GUILLON AMELIE Occurrence And Behaviour Of 14 Triazines And 15 Of Their Metabolites Within French Drinking Water Treatment Plants 3711204 FR
2.3.2 Scheideler Jens Seasonal Occurence Of Micro Pollutants In Drinking Water Sources - Evaluation Of Treatment Strategies Using AOPs And Ozonation 3716379 DE
2.3.3 Metcalfe Chris Neonicotinoid Pesticides In Drinking Water From Agricultural Regions Of The Great Lakes Basin, Ontario, Canada 3719640 CA
2.3.4 KIM GYUNG AH Occurrence Of Nitrosamines In Sewage Effluents, River Waters, And Treated Drinking Waters In Nakdong River Basin, Korea 3719854 KR
2.3.5 Rougé Valentin Monitoring Of Chemical Pre-oxidation Efficiency By Electron Donating Capacity For The Mitigation Of Disinfection By-products During Chlorination 3719860 AU
2.3.6 GUILLON AMELIE Occurrence Of 1,4-dioxane In French Water Resources And Its Fate Along Drinking Water Treatment Plants 3753659 FR
2.3.7 Valdivia-Garcia Maria Carboxylic Acids And Phenolic Compounds In Scottish Waters, Their Trihalomethanes Formation And Treatability By Activated Carbon Adsorption 3755716 UK
2.3.8 Boontanon Suwann Contamination Of PFOA, PFOS And Other Perfluoroalkyl Substances In Water Treatment Plants Of Bangkok, Thailand 3755743 TH

2.4 Degradation


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Chair Person: Yunho Lee
2.4.1 Meynet Paola Short-term Impact Of Temperature On The Biotransformation Kinetics Of Micropollutants In An Activated Sludge System 3720375 CH
2.4.2 Knoop Oliver Ozonation Of Tamoxifen Generates Endocrine Active Transformation Products 3719873 DE
2.4.3 Köhler Christian An Comprehensive And Cost-efficient Approach In Assessing WWTP´s Degradation Performance Of Xenobiotics 3720622 LU
2.4.4 Grandclément Camille Degradation Of Organic Micropollutants Using A Hybrid Bioreactor 3720636 FR
2.4.5 Tiwari Shubham Naphthenic Acids Biodegradation Using Aerobic Granular Sludge 3720553 CA
2.4.6 Bertelkamp Cheryl Biodegradation Of Pyrazole In Rapid Sand Filters 3720118 NL
2.4.7 El-Athman Fatima Abiotic Reductive Deiodination Of Iodinated Contrast Media Mediated By Corrinoids 3720662 DE
2.4.8 Liu Wenbo Diclofenac Removal Under Anoxic Condition With Manganese Oxides 3717193 NL
2.4.9 Pala-Ozkok Ilke Modelling Acute And Chronic Effect Of Sulfamethoxazole On The Biodegradation Kinetics Of Activated Sludge 3755408 TR
2.4.10 Nihemaiti Maolida Degradation Of Ciprofloxacin In PMS/CuFe2O4 System: Effect Of PMS And Natural Organic Matter 3720126 AU

2.5 Photolysis


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Chair Person: Wen-Wei Li    
2.5.1 Reemtsma Thorsten Mobile Bound Residue Formation Of Emerging Contaminants With Dissolved Organic Matter Upon Sunlight Photolysis 3715348 DE
2.5.2 You Luhua The Role Of Sorption, Biodegradation And Photodegradation In The Attenuation Of Seven Selected PPCPs/EDCs In A Tropical Urban Reservoir 3748074 SG
2.5.3 Wen-Wei Li Photocatalysis actuated cathodic Fenton decomposition of carbamazepine coupled with sulfur recovery 3755450 CN
2.5.4 Hanamoto Seiya Evaluation Of The Fate Of Photoproducts Of Ketoprofen In Urban Rivers 3718924 JP
2.5.5 Li Si Decomposition Kinetics, Transformation Products And Toxicity Evaluation Of Ciprofloxacin By UVA/LED And UVA/LED/TiO2 3719166 SG
2.5.6 Yoon Y.G Inactivation Efficiency Of Plasmid-encoded Antibiotic-resistant Genes During Oxidative Water Treatment 3719784 KR
2.5.7 Paredes Lidia Application Of New Supported Catalysts Based On TiO2 To Improve Organic Micropollutant Removal During UV Treatment 3720035 ES
2.5.8 Wünsch Robin LP-UV/H2O2 Breaks Down Larger Molecules And Enhances Biodegradation In Soil: Lab And Pilot Plant Tests 3751167 CH
2.5.9 DESBIOLLES Fanny Fate Of Carbamazepine In Natural Surface Waters Through Photochemical Processes 3720161 FR
2.5.10 Pereira Vanessa Development Of Photocatalytic Membranes For Water Treatment Applications 3720560 PT

3.1 Full Scale WW


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Full Scale WW    
      Chair Person: Thomas Track    
3.1.1 Schaar Heidemarie UV Absorbance And Fluorescence As Surrogate Parameters For Control Of Micropollutant Elimination By Ozonation And Activated Carbon Treatment 3671729 AT
3.1.2 Itzel Fabian Investigation Of Antagonistic Endocrine Activity During Full-scale Ozone Treatment Of Hospital Wastewater 3718747 DE
3.1.3 Sanches Sandra Technical And Economic Evaluation Of Nanofiltration Treatment Of Olive Mill Wastewaters 3720057 PT
3.1.4 McArdell Christa Elimination Of Micropollutants With Granular Activated Carbon Filtration And Ozone/GAC In Full Scale Wastewater Treatment 3720193 CH
3.1.5 Penru Ywann Chemical Indicators For Micropollutants Removal By Tertiary Ozonation: Application To Sophia Antipolis WWTP 3720216 FR
3.1.6 Fundneider Thomas Identifying Technical Synergy Effects For Organic Micro-pollutant Removal 3720369 DE
3.1.7 Walter Antoine First Full-Scale Plant To Remove Pharmaceutical Residues From Scandinavian Wastewaters In Linköping (Sweden) 3720653 CH
3.1.8 Okutman Taş Didem Removal Efficiency Of Anti-inflammatory Drugs In Wastewater Treatment Plants 3755599 TR

3.2.1 Modeling


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Chair Person: Tadele Measho Haile Gonzalez-Gil Lorena Why Organic Micropollutants Are Not Fully Biotransformed? A Mechanistic Modelling Approach To Anaerobic Digestion 3720561 ES Chen Huiting Nonsingular Sorption/desorption Of Selected Perfluoroalkyl Acids (PFAAs) By Sediments: Experimental Results And Modelling 3745322 SG Gimeno Pau Incorporating Model Uncertainty Into The Evaluation Of Measures To Reduce The Microcontaminant Loads In Rivers 3716099 ES van Driezum Inge Modelling The Fate Of Organic Micropollutants During Bank Filtration Along A Large And Highly Dynamic River 3720037 AT

3.2.2 Further WW treatment technologies

Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Further WW treatment technologies
Chair Person: Gianluigi Buttiglieri Elena Torresi Removal of pharmaceuticals in Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors – The impact of design and operating conditions 3760001 DK Sochacki Adam Removal And Transformations Of Benzotriazole And Benzothiazole In Hybrid Wastewater Treatment Technologies 3755131 CZ Tang Kai Removing Residual Pharmaceuticals From Activated Sludge Effluent By Intermittently Fed Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors (MBBR) 3754848 DK ÇEÇEN FERHAN Effect Of Long-term Nanosilver Dosing To Activated Sludge On EPS Fractions 3715213 TR

3.3 Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) and other alternative treatment technologies


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) and other alternative treatment technologies    
      Chair Person: Heidemarie Schaar    
3.3.1 Scheideler Jens Full Scale UV Advanced Oxidation Process With Sodium Hypochlorite For Potable Reuse Treatment -- An Economic Attractive Option 3716403 DE
3.3.2 Heath Ester The Occurrence of Bisphenols in Evironment, Food and Biological Fluids 3718970 SI
3.3.3 Kaless Martin Influence Of Innovative Wastewater Treatment Technologies On Micropollutant Concentrations 3719163 DE
3.3.4 Alvarino Teresa Enhancing The Removal Of Organic Micropollutants In Wastewaters With The Innovative SIAM Process 3720167 ES
3.3.5 Hübner Uwe Evaluation Of Alternative Concepts For Removal Of Trace Organic Chemicals From Secondary Effluents 3720011 DE
3.3.6 Gulde Rebekka Ion-trapping Of Amine-containing Micropollutants In Protozoa, An Additional Removal Mechanism In Activated Sludge 3720033 CH
3.3.7 Mir-Tutusaus Josep Anton Increasing Operation Time Of Fungal Bioreactors Removing Pharmaceutically Active Compounds From Hospital Wastewaters 3742172 ES
 3.3.8  Scheurer  Marco  Small, mobile, persistent- trifluoroacetate (TFA) in the aquatic environment challenges water utilities  3760008 DE

3.4 Ozone based processes


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Ozone based processes    
      Chair Person: Martin Jekel    
3.4.1 Tang Kai Pilot And Laboratory Scale Ozonation Of Biologically Treated Hospital Wastewater For Removal Of Pharmaceuticals And Toxicity Concurrently With Natural Fluorescence Intensity 3755157 DK
3.4.2 de Wilt Arnoud Micropollutant Removal In A Three Step Bio-Ozone-Bio Treatment Process 3717385 NL
3.4.3 Ignatev Alexey Ozone Post-Treatment Of Wastewater Effluents Monitored By Size-Exclusion Chromatography 3719936 FI
3.4.4 Phattarapattamawong Songkeart Optimization Of Ozonation And Peroxone Process For Removal Of Micropollutants In Wastewater 3755416 TH

3.5 Risk assessment


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Risk assessment    
      Chair Person: Sun Weiling
3.5.1 Kuroda Keisuke Rapid Screening Of Groundwater Pollution After An Earthquake By Recombinant Yeast Assays 3717074 JP
3.5.2 Arlos Maricor Modelling The Exposure Of Wild Fish Species To Endocrine Active Chemicals: Linkages Of Stressor Concentrations To Intersex 3754516 CA
3.5.3 Boontanon Suwanna Levels Of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) In Groundwater Around Improper Municipal And Industrial Waste Disposal Sites In Thailand And Health Risk Assessment 3720276 TH
3.5.4 Sekikawa Takahiro IMS-SET And RT-LAMP For Sensitive Detection Of Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts In River Water 3719796 JP

3.6 Drinking water treatment


Session Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
      Drinking water treatment    
      Chair Person: Markus Werderitsch    
3.6.1 Zietzschmann Frederik Predicting Organic Micro-pollutant Adsorption Onto Powdered Activated Carbon Using Background Organic Matter Characteristics 3720523 DE
3.6.2 Gernjak Wolfgang Removal Of Trace Organic Contaminants And Natural Organic Matter In Electrodialysis Reversal 3755147 ES
3.6.3 Gnirß Regina Fate Of Oxipurinol, Gabapentin And Valsartanic Acid In Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorbers For Drinking Water Treatment 3720694 DE
3.6.4 Kosaka Koji Removal Of Haloacetamides And Their Precursors Upon Chlorination During Advanced Water Purification Processes 3718922 JP

Workshops A - D


Workshop Family Name First Name Abstract Title Abs Id Ctry Code
Endocrine A  Grummt Tamara      
Antib. Resi. B Domenjoud Bruno Integrated Chemical And Biological Oxidation For Pharmaceuticals Removal From Wastewater 3720505 FR
Techn. Solu. C Meier Aline Full-scale Micropollutant Removal From Municipal Wastewater In Switzerland: Recent Technology Developments And Process Selection 3720112 CH
Strat. Appr. D Track Thomas Risk Management Of Emerging Compounds And Pathogens In The Water Cycle (RiSKWa) - Handbook Of Good Practice 3719096 DE
Strat. Appr. D Wang Gen-Shuh Management Of Micropollutants In Drinking Water Of Taiwan 3721460 TW